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What will be the point of having an encounter with God if there are no testimonies to show that he truly fulfills what he promises?

Do you still doubt if it is worth it to take a break from stress and spend lunch hour with the King of kings and God of all possibilities? Then read these testimonies:

It was indeed my set time
I had been trusting GOD to pass my NCLEX RN exam after my graduation in Dec., 2011. I attempted the exam twice but failed both times. I could not understand what was going on. I kept studying but still nothing was changing.

On 6/13/12 the word of the Lord came and Pastor Praise spoke about the set time. Bearing in mind the month of June was the month of favor, and then this message, it made me cry to God to remember me.

On Monday the 18th, I checked the exam schedule and trusted God to give me a spot in June because it was fully booked till July. By divine intervention, I got a spot on the 20th because someone had rescheduled for a different day. I was skeptical about taking the exam in two days time because such a close date did not give me enough time to really get ready. However, my husband encouraged me to take it and just trust God.

By God's grace, I passed my test after this third attempt. It was indeed my set time and I thank the Almighty God for this miracle. My family and I will live to glorify His Name and tell of His goodness. He is a mighty, powerful, able God. Nothing is impossible with Him!!!
                                                                                     - Ruth Kirubi
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These series of miracles all happened in less than 2 weeks
I got married to the most beautiful woman about six months ago but since then, we've been working on her coming to join me in the U.S. After going to the embassy twice and being denied, we were getting ready to go for the third time, but this time had a very special challenge; all the available dates were in late September or October! I didn't want to wait that long to see my wife and so I kept believing God could (and would) make a way because there really seems to be no way.

I forced myself out of work on June 13th 2012 to attend Possibility Hour during my lunch break and at the time, the word from God was "This is my set time!" I believed the word but didn't know how God would make things happen, and I didn't care either! I just had to believe, right?

On the following Sunday, I was introduced to a man who could help with scheduling a more favorable interview date but I was skeptical about the idea as he could be a scam. I reluctantly but prayerfully called him, gave him the details he needed and he was going to get to work on it. By Tuesday night, he called me around 9PM to inform me that we were to have our interview on Saturday!! I argued with him that that was too close for comfort as I needed to gather support documents for the interview. He advised me that it was either Saturday or sometime in September. Quickly, I agreed to the Saturday date and started getting ready for the interview.

Miraculously, things that should normally take days to be put in place, God made everything work in our favor and my wife was ready to travel by Thursday.

Friday she made her way to the city where she was to be interviewed.

Saturday she was approved of her visa and she picked it up yesterday!!!

Exactly 2 weeks ago today when the word of the Lord came that this is our set time, I had no idea when we would have our interview, but now the long, long wait for the visa is suddenly over!!!

God is real! He is good!! He's still in the business of making the impossible possible and He is definitely on our side!!!

Psa 37:23 says "He delights in every detail of our lives" (NLT). Come spend a lunch time with the God of all possibility and your story too WOULD change for the better.... JUST LIKE THAT!
                                                                                     - Tobby Asonibare
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Jehovah God is our healer
In September 2009, my youngest granddaughter was teething and running a fever as well. Her parents tried everything they knew to break this fever. In the midst of all this, they had to go to Arkansas for family business; so they went. While on the trip, her mother made an appointment with the doctor to see them as soon as they return. When they went to the doctor’s office, he immediately sent them to the emergency room because the baby was dehydrated. While getting her ready for hydration, they X-rayed her and found that she had pneumonia (fluid in the lungs); they also found fluid around her heart. This was in Children's Mercy Hospital in K.C., Missouri. As we were notified concerning this matter, we immediately began to pray and send out text messages for prayer. That following Wednesday at Possibility Hour, I shared with the pastor and she also prayed claiming the healing power of GOD into Jada's life (that's her name). Today she is healed in Jesus' name, and walking and praising GOD in every way, and so are we. GOD IS an AWESOME GOD! Never does HE fail. I praise him for healing our Jada.
                                                                                     - Renee Hill
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I did great in school and exam despite a hectic job schedule

I had a busy and crazy schedule because of work and nursing school. As tough as it was, God saw me through: I graduated from Newman University, passed my NCLEX exam, and I am now a RN. A lot of people keep asking me how I did it but all I tell them is that it is a miracle. I am sure of this because, at the very beginning of the semester, I came to possibility hour and they prayed for school students. Till today, I am still amazed at the effects that single prayer had in my academic life afterwards.
                                                                                     - Nancy Makundi
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My sister gets job after 2 years while I get unexpected final grades
I was invited to possibility hour by one of its organizers. I decided to go knowing how good God has been to me through the years. On one of the meetings, I prayed for my sister to get a job as she has been putting in applications for 2 years but no result. I lightly prayed about it believing that at some point, if it’s for her, it would be answered. I called her a week later to check on her as usual and was amazed at how quickly that prayer got answered. She got the job and received over a 100% increase in salary at the new job before any benefits. My second testimony that I promised God I would share if accomplished is my grades at school. The last semester was rocky all throughout and, somewhere past the mid-semester, I realized that relying on my efforts would only prevent me from repeating the classes even if I got all excellent grades in quizzes and tests till the end of the semester. In possibility hour, I prayed to God concerning this and I asked for an intervention. I would have been satisfied with a miracle at B’s. Instead, he decided to bless me with three A's. I am very grateful for this and I am sharing this to uphold my end of the bargain with GOD.
                                                                                     - Addis Olujohungbe
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Got a job after searching for over a year
I have been searching, applying, and interviewing for jobs and I also needed to pay school fees. After a year of searching, I was afraid I would have to drop out of school. I ran into a friend who told me about possibility hour so I came and prayed. I was going home immediately after the program ended and I got a phone call in the car with a job offer. The job was a teaching assistant position which meant that my school fees is subsidizes to the point where I can now afford them. What an instant miracle!
                                                                                     - Anush Kumar Mali
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Back pain disappeared while praying
My back pain started at work. The doctor gave me drugs but it didn't help much. The pain just kept increasing seriously for over 4 months. I could only stand or walk for a few minutes. The pain got so bad that I couldn't bend down to even brush my teeth. On September 30, 2009, I was planning to come to possibility hour but I almost changed my mind because the pain was so much that I couldn't get out of bed. I thank God for making me come to the program that day despite the pain. I didn't even take pain killers on that day. During the program, we were told to touch the part of our body that was hurting and I touched my back. To my surprise, the back pain went away immediately. I thought it was my imagination. I got up and jumped, bent down, touched my toes, and twisted my waist, trying to prove God wrong but I felt no more pain. I have heard of people having miracles but never in my life did I imagine that such a thing could ever happen to me. Praise God for possibility hour!
                                                                                     - Moses Edagwa
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Debt got taken care of
I graduated from WSU over 8 months ago but I couldn't get my diploma because I was owing the university almost $7000. During possibility hour, it was announced that, before the next event in two weeks, somewhere here would have their debt taken care of. A few days after the program I received a wire transfer from a relative, paid off all my debt, and got my undergraduate certificate, all before two weeks.
                                                                                     - Amondi Ashang
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I passed my NCLEX exam and immediately got a job
I attended the hour of possibilities one week before I sat for my NCLEX exam. I was feeling very disccouraged and scared since I felt as though I had not studied enough. When pastor Mrs. asked if we had any prayer requests I presented my request and then we all prayed, I remeber her saying "Please God give us a testimony for the next time we meet." I sat for my exam on a Monday and that Wednesday was supposed to be the next time we met for the possiblity hour, I just kept telling God that He had to give me a testimony, even though I felt like I had failed the test. Sure enough, when I looked for my results at 10 am that Wednesday, I had passed! God gave me a testimony!!! I still attended the hour of possibility that Wednesday, I was not finished with what I needed from God: I needed a job. Earlier when I was getting ready to do my NCLEX test, my job had told me that they didnt have a position for an RN, they only needed LPN's. When i was praying that next Wednesday, I told God I needed a postion at the same place I worked. When I got home that afternoon, I called my job to tell them that I had passed my exam and that I was going to put in my letter of resignation since they didnt have a postion for me. The lady on the other end of the line told me to hold on because she needed to talk to the D.O.N. since there was an open position. They asked me if I could come for an interview the next day which I did and I got the job!! There is nothing God can not do, He opens doors where there seems to be none. He is a good God, come and try Him.
                                                                                     - Violet Karani
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I got my money back
I was planning to take a trip out of the country so I applied for Parole with the immigration office and sent a check for $305 with the application. Afterwards, I changed my mind about the trip so I wanted my money back. I called the immigration folks, I even went to their office but they said there was nothing they could do because there was no way to track the path of my parole payment or parole officer. To make matters worse, I didn't know what the check number was so I couldn't cancel the check at the bank. I didn't know what else to do so I went to possibility hour. During the program, I wrote my prayer request about this money on a small sheet of paper and dropped it in the prayer bag. One week later, I received a letter from the immigration office saying that my parole application was rejected and they returned my check. Later on, I got a letter saying that they were working on my parole request. A couple days after that the immigration office approved. Another amazing fact was that I didn't send any pictures to them (which was a requirement) but they found a picture for me and used it on the document. As if that was not surprising enough, when I went to get the parole permit document, they pulled my file and advised me that I would hear from the department handling my green card in less than 90 days. This is truly amazing because I have been battling with them over this green card for over a year now and it is suddenly offered to me on a platter. I should have attended possibility hour much sooner!
                                                                                     - Kennedy Opoku
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Do you have any testimonies about what God has done through Possibility Hour? Then please share with us

Do not forget to glorify God for what he had done:
      “And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.”
                                                                                                - Psalm 50:15.

Remember the nine lepers that didn’t give their testimonies after God cured their leprosy? Please do not act like them!
       “And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine?”
                                                                                                - Luke 17:17

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